Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Today's Meditation


For the Greater Good

DAY 27 

The universe intends that I be loved. All is planned for my greater good. 

As the handwriting of God, the universe both self-organizes and self-corrects. Through love, I am connected to a pattern of perfection. All problems in the world—from the subtle to the immense—derive from someone having lost connection to the love within their hearts. 
Today I plant myself within love’s universe, that I may dwell within the miraculous matrix. As I align my thoughts and actions with love, I experience my greater good. I trust the universe to create through me ever-increasing dimensions of peace and joy. 
I do not know how to control the universe, nor do I need to. The universe is controlled by love and love alone. Outside love’s embrace the world is chaos, but within it, all is safe and secure. Today I choose the arms of love in which to rest my soul.

Williamson, Marianne. A Year of Miracles (p. 43). HarperOne. Kindle Edition. 

My Share

I am so tired of being rejected and shamed for my struggles. Why do I want to be loved by someone who doesn't love me or has conditional love? It is crazy. So what do I do with these people? I know they have struggles too and I am most likely a reflection of them as they are to me. I can embrace them in love and let them slip away from my life until I no longer feel them rejecting me. I will take care of myself and let go of them.
I do have to look to see I if owe amends to them to see if I have done something to injure them. If they don't want to be a part of my life, it is okay. I will let them go in love. This has been a big pattern in my life of letting go of the people I once loved. There are people in my life today that do love me and don't reject me.  These people I will keep and I will love them too. My life will be a lot happier doing this way. 

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