Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Today's Meditation

 DAY 26 

I greet all whom I meet today with the love of God. 

It can be a kind smile, an understanding pause, a touch of a hand that makes all the difference in how someone’s day unfolds. I wish to be a conduit of love to those I meet, that I might know a softer way of being and a deeper sense of peace. 

Let me remember today that all of us are in need of love, both those who make it obvious and those who make it easy to forget. Whether showing their love or hiding it, my brothers are, as I am, in need of understanding.

 May I be someone who understands? May my selfish nature melt away, dear God, and compassion comes to take its place. May everyone I meet or even think of today be blessed by the love I send their way. I will receive as I decide to give, and today I choose to give love.

Williamson, Marianne. A Year of Miracles (p. 42). HarperOne. Kindle Edition. 


I know that when someone shows me kindness, during a grumpy period of mine, it often melts away the pain I am feeling. It is just a simple kind gesture and it has to power to let me experience love.  I can also remember to give that stuff away. I think that is why I like artwork so much.  I don't sell much of anything, mainly because I don't promote it, yet it has the power of love and connectedness. It gives me great pleasure. The above piece is going to a very special person in my life that just lost her husband a couple of months ago.  I love you Susu! I am thinking of you. 

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Lori m said...

Carol, so glad you decided to start your artwork again and that you continue to keep sharing daily. It reaches more people than you know, your friend will love this painting, hugs, Lori m