About Me

My name is Carol. 

 I am a retired LPN who has mainly worked in long-term care for 30 years. I have a passion for healing through artwork. It helped relieve my frustrations as a child, later with chronic pain from osteoarthritis, and my recovery from nicotine addiction. 

 I was told as a child that I was gifted in the Art area. Today, people say it is the color in my artwork they like the most. Mostly, it was encouraged because of the dyslexia and auditory processing disorder I have. I was treated by speech therapy in the second grade. I was considered a slow learner, but my IQ was always average. I often have good insight once engaged. Health care and art are passions in which I excelled. Expanding on Art came later in life.

If you want to know more about my hearing problem, here is a great video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bGV_z44kh4  - This condition causes anxiety, with which I struggle. I was fortunate that it was found as a child. I am not disabled as a result of it. I am blessed for my gifts. Many people have this condition and have learned poor coping skills. Often, it is drugs and alcohol, sad to say. I have found Art as my great escape. It is a lot healthier.

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