Tuesday, April 5, 2022

E-bike Trip

My E-Bike Trip yesterday. We made it all the way to Cooter Park again. It is such a beautiful trip. I stayed in mode 2 on my Ecotric Dolphin. When I was around traffic, I dropped it back down to mode 1. This is a comfortable bike ride. We get asked about our bikes a lot over the past couple of weeks. There are a lot of older people interested in it and I do recommend them.  I have ridden the bike for a good two weeks now. Already I can feel how it has helped my brain and my back. I was having a hard time building endurance after my heart attack two years ago but I do believe this is going to help me a lot.  

There is one couple that we talked to on the trip and enjoyed so much. We all took pictures of each other and exchanged emails. This is a great social outlet too. I was getting so worried about how Ken and I will isolate ourselves.  We both suffer from depression and I think this might also be a cure lol. I have been really happy since I got them.

Our New Friends

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