Monday, March 14, 2022

Everyday Gratitude March 14

March 14   

Think about how the memory of someone you loved can best be honored. Do something unique, in line with who they were. The best way to recover and heal from loss is to truly integrate all of the goodness and lessons that person's life brought you. We all want a sense of continuity. We want to know who that person was and what they gave is not lost forever.    Take some time to think carefully about the life of the person who has passed and how they can be best honored for the way they lived. What was most important to them? What work did they leave unfinished? What mistakes did they make that you might like to see corrected?    Take some appropriate action on their behalf and dedicate it to them. The best memorial for another is a life well-lived, seeing their positive influence living on.

Brenda Shoshanna. Everyday Gratitude: 365 Ways to Practice Thanks (Kindle Locations 728-736). Unknown. Kindle Edition. 

I want to talk about two people.  One is my younger brother, Tripp.  How can I honor my brother?  I can look for humor in life. He had the best sense of humor and was very lively. He was impulsive also.  I miss that in him.  When I see comedians on TV, I often think of Tripp. He could turn a bad situation into something funny. His family was the most important thing to him and visiting Mom. His biggest mistake was drinking and smoking. It killed him in the end. He left behind some beautiful children and grandchildren who needed and loved him. He tried to be so strong for Mom and fight his cancer. I am very angry with him about his addictions and not doing anything about it. 

The other person is my Mother. How can I honor my Mother? My mother could have gotten rid of me but she didn't. I can look for my inner child during troubled times. She chose to keep me even with what she had to face. I was born in a very troubling time for her and I know she must have felt all alone. She was a pillar of strength. I don't understand how she manages through all of her trials but she did. She taught her children to be strong and self-dependent. She was a smart woman but I don't think she believe in herself though. She had a problem with trusting God of the world and I think that is so sad. She thought he was punishing her. He was not loving and forgiving in her eyes. She did trust her inner child and I think that is what saved her many times. I think she found God there. Deep within her. I love this lady and I also hate her too.  She was always getting involved with alcoholics and also a smoker who took so much from her.  I hate addiction! It has taken too many people from me.


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