Thursday, January 20, 2022

One Goal of God


This was my inspiration for today! Planting Seeds and then nurturing them by watering and feeding them. God does his part and I do mine. 

I am having to take Sadie to the vet today. She is not bearing weight on her left hind leg after jumping off the bed last night.  A couple of months ago she was in a dog fight and it left her with a big knot on her back.  I am thinking she has done something to a nerve. She is not crying out though when I touch her but she is not moving much at all.  I hate seeing her like this. Her appt is at 3 today.  Please pray for my baby.  I love her so much.


The vet said she has a torn ligament in her knee. She is on light duty lol. No running and jumping for 4 weeks. That lump was just a fat deposit and she is on a diet now too. No more fat snacks. I guess I will go with her because my diabetes is getting worse.

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Lori m said...

I'm so sorry about your baby, prayers on the way, hugs. Lori m