Thursday, January 20, 2022

Only Love is Real


I did this one yesterday it came from my inspiration from "A Year of Miracles" by Marianne Williamson Day 6

  DAY 6 In the spiritual universe only love is real, and nothing else exists. While the appearances of the three-dimensional world would deceive me into the false belief that there are powers more powerful than the will of God, in fact only love is the kingdom, the power, and the glory. My physical senses are useful tools, but they are not the arbiters of ultimate truth. Only the love in my heart is the knower of all things. The world has trained me to believe in the illusions of fear and separation, and to disbelieve in the truth that lies beyond them. Today I make a stand for truth, as I extend my perceptions beyond what my senses reveal to me, to what I know to be true in my heart. I commit to the realization that only love is real, and I recognize the ultimate nonexistence of anything else. This way I gain the power of a miracle-worker, a channel for God in His will that only love prevail. No matter what situation I am in today, I will remember that only love is real. I will not be waylaid by false appearances. When I cannot find my way to true vision, I pray to be reminded that false appearances are powerless

Williamson, Marianne. A Year of Miracles (p. 22). HarperOne. Kindle Edition. 

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