Sunday, August 15, 2021

Flower Pot done in Watercolors

I am starting to learn how to use watercolors. With this project I used my XL Mix Media Journal and Artist Loft Watercolors. No acrylic on this piece. I don't think it was too bad for first try. I do know it is a lot less messy than acrylic paints and would be great for travel. I still like my acrylics though. I can't wait until my snowbird neighbor comes back. She does watercolors painting and I bet she can give me so good tips.
Today's Meditation that I read was on our purpose in this world is to love each other. I know this as personal truth as I have experienced it when I am upset with another person, I can come from a state of love and look at myself with what is really going on with me things work out a lot better for me.

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Lori m said...

Pretty, I've not tried water color paints, this came out fantastic, hugs, Lori m