Monday, August 9, 2021

Gather the Shells

Above is the starting of a new canvas board 16 by 20 inches. I now have a new Cameo 4 cutting machine. So I am learning how to use it. I am having problems with it though. It only will cut a small quarter of the image.. so not sure what is happening there. I hate learning new things. This stencil was cut out by my old machine and traced into the canvas. I am now starting on the dotting of the piece. I am not real happy with the colors but I am not finished either.
I finished this painting listening to Bob Serger Music. At first, I didn't like my color choices. I have found that I can't paint without taking small breaks just to meditate on what needs to happen next. I struggled with trying to make the colors work. I am starting to wonder if I have Asperger's because of the auditory processing problem I have. It kind of makes sense. I believe I am high function in Medicine and Art. Never know, I might be another Sheldon in the makings. Roz was right about me. LOL I have signed this one as finished but it needs to be sealed, then I will post it to my Esty.

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