Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Old Town Campgrounds Office


Come get your mail, cool your heels, and socialize with our over 55 community. We enjoy Arts and Crafts, walks around the grounds, planting a raised garden, swimming and boating at the springs, and small get-togethers. We have a hippie-like commune going on, lol! Love and Peace to you all. Come join us. We love it here!

I started my camping journey here over a year and a half ago. This group loves to socialize, and it begins with a walk as people take their pets to the dog park. We all say a pleasant "Good Morning" and wave to each other. Sometimes, we sit and visit when invited in. We all give a helping hand when needed.  I have seen these people work conflicts out, too.. as a community, we can clash because of our different needs, but I have seen lots of respect, too. 

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