Saturday, December 9, 2023

Happy Holidays

 I have been preparing for the holiday cards and hoping to have them out this coming Wednesday. Our Christmas is pretty small inside this camper. I don't put up a tree anymore, and I have not since Momma passed away. She passed on Christmas day. She became a Christmas Angel. She is not why I don't put up a tree, though. Something about not having any kids in the house dampens the spirit this holiday. But really, the reason for the season is Jesus' birth. I don't know if this happens because of aging; the task of putting up a tree is hard to do, and we need to get closer to our creator and celebrate him and not a tree. I am feeling my age lol. Thank you, Jesus, for all the good and bad for without each, I would not know the other. 


Lori m said...

Happy Holidays Carol and hubby. I understand things harder to do holiday time. For me the past few months, if it has a motor, it broke, so holiday spirit became harder for me.

Stay healthy and enjoy all you can, I figure there is always someone dealing with much worse than I am. Big hugs, Lori m

PS your holiday Santa and Bells are awesome.

Ken and Carol Revalee said...

Thank you for your holiday wishes. Yes, it has been a difficult year, but we have managed with the help of God. Sometimes, I am so amazed at what he can do.