Monday, October 23, 2023

In Full Purple Bloom

Another 7 by 10-inch Gouache watercolor painting on mixed media paper was done.

 I am grateful I can return to Gainsville on Nov 6th. Ken will have his hydrocele extracted. He has been so miserable, and I don't like the feelings I get when I see him like that. Medical care in the US has changed a lot. It is not as accessible as it used to be (with insurance) and is always slow coming. Medicare is a trip and a half to figure out. The insurance company is your doctor - they tell him how his patient gets treated with the type of insurance they have. Otherwise, a person pays for themselves. Our doctors will disappear with AI one day. Changes are coming! Some good and some not so good.

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Lori m said...

Prayers for safe travel and then Ken gets the medical attention needed. Your new drawing is beautiful, hugs, Lori m