Friday, July 1, 2022

You are enough!


I sure hope so, because right now, I am not feeling it. I am just thankful for my husband who helps me out a lot. He has always been in my corner and I know he stays in mine.  We are getting more and more excited about our upcoming RV adventures. I am a little scared because this is something new for me and I hate being new at something. 

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Unknown said...

Yes, you are enough. And, I'm enough, too! We often have to remind ourselves of the "good" stuff and remember that some days are bad and sad and some days ... well, some days, you'll be singing Hot Damn! Summer in the City!

I often have to tell myself on the bad days that this, too, shall pass. This was one of my hardest lessons in life to learn and I have to remind myself about every other day that .... This, too, my dear shall pass!

All the love and good vibes send your way for a Happy July 4th. God bless.