Monday, July 4, 2022

Growing Pains


The above is done with Artist Loft  Alcohol-based Markers and Watercolor Dual Tip Markers on 9-inch by 12-inch Mix Media Paper. The original is for sale without the slogan. Contact me for the price or make an offer. 

I just looked up Growing Pains on the internet. I had them as a child. I remember complaining to my father that my legs hurt and he told me this is what I was having. From what I just read. Growing Pains are not related to growth. It generally just happens in the growing years and stops. They really don't know why it happens. They are felt in both legs, butt, and back and the person gets a headache. I am not sure I outgrew it as I still have them today. I called it Arthur today though. Totally different entity. Haha!

The Nicotine Anonymous groups that I belonged to on the internet started having "Growing Pains" in their newness. This pain was different. It was felt in the whole body and it was a huge headache. It split into two groups. The group was growing. Each serving in its own style. It was a learning thing and it was painful to many. A lot of good came out of each group though in the end. And today, we have different styles or platforms for Nicotine Anonymous meetings. We reach more people. The pain has stopped in that way.  It is now a lot easier to set up a meeting online. There are differences between Face to Face meetings and online meetings. I am so glad I got to see the online meetings start from the beginning. I was never a part of the face-to-face groups, although I have attended a few in Fort Myers Florida years ago. Had I stayed in that area, I may have done more but that was not in the cards for me.  I do thank World Services and all the hard work they did to bring Nicotine Anonymous online for you. 

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