Friday, June 24, 2022

What you think, you will become.


• JUNE 24 • 

Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment. —Maxwell Maltz

 The way we think about ourselves determines how we behave and who we become. If Eileen believes she is good at baseball, she will swing the bat more confidently and catch fly balls more easily. And her extra effort will generally pay off. At math, Steve thinks he’s a whiz and it makes him proud. He studies so he’ll continue to be a whiz. 

The image we have of ourselves is like the blueprint the contractor follows when building a house. When we see ourselves sad or angry, our behavior and personality will match it. When we see ourselves withdrawn and afraid, we seem to avoid activities that involve others. How wonderful that we can change our behavior and thus ourselves by changing the picture we carry in our minds. 

Do I have a good picture of myself today?

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My Share

So many times I thought I couldn't quit smoking because of all the failures I had previously. I was totally crushed by this. I really wanted to quit but it was becoming more and more apparent that I had a problem and couldn't do it by myself. I tried all kinds of bandaids to fix it but it took another recovering nicotine addict to help me get through the withdrawals without picking up.  I had to change my thinking process.  They helped me do that. There were some similar things we had in common and I found their suggestion very useful, as I tried to practice the principles of the program. Things started to take on a more positive standing and that just maybe I could do this. It came, come to, and then come to believe. It is a process and we can do this!

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