Sunday, May 29, 2022

Today's Meditation


May 29

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. —Chinese Proverb 

To live my life without the deadening effects of nicotine requires me to improve my relationship skills. Appropriately handling the inevitable moments of anger, with others or myself, is often a new challenge. I want to deal with feelings, not brandish them like a sword. Attacks on others can lead to guilt and negative attitudes about myself, which might brew an excuse to pick up nicotine. As I become more conscious of my behavior, I learn there are critical moments of choice. I seek the wisdom to know when to let go and when to draw the line. Sometimes denial or arrogance let me ignore the consequences of my addictive actions. Step Eight’s list of amends now helps me acknowledge the reality of consequences. I am learning the difference between a childish reaction and a mature response. I am taking responsibility for my life and utilizing the power of choice. 

Today, I will take the time to consider my principles and choose my response to life’s situations.

Nicotine Anonymous Members. A Year of Miracles .  . Kindle Edition. 


Actions instead of reactions. I have always wished that I had slowed down and thought about my response instead of doing the knee jerk. I have learned when I am over emotional to STOP, Evaluate and then make a choice. I have to get outside of fear and into God's love and grace. The 12 Steps helped me take an honest stock at myself. I can't do much about anyone else but I can change myself if I need to.  I have the power of God to help me get through. Sometimes my choices are not as I wish they would be. I can often get some pretty shitty choices but at least I can pick the least shitty. It is better than cutting my nose off in spite of my face.

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