Friday, April 15, 2022

Today's Meditation


April 15 

“Just as courage imperils life, fear protects it.” LEONARDO DA VINCI 

We’ve known for a long time that illness is often accompanied by fear, and we’ve learned what happens when we try to ignore or bury that fear. It mushrooms, then suffocates and tyrannizes us so that our world becomes smaller and ever-smaller. Thankfully, we have a strong and clear-cut choice. Instead of being at the mercy of our fears, we can channel fear-generated emotions into positive actions. Indeed, fear can be a powerful, life-enhancing motivator. As an important example, our anxieties about a possible future cancer recurrence, lupus flare-up, or brain-damaging blood clot can motivate us to take far better care of ourselves, not only physically, but also emotionally, and spiritually. Fear can motivate us to eat properly, exercise regularly, and rest more. It can also lead us into stress-reducing activities such as meditation. In the past, most of us have experienced fear as wholly negative and destructive. These days, however, we are learning that this potent emotion can frequently be used to our benefit. 


Fear can tyrannize or motivate me;

Dorian, J.S.. Above and Beyond: 365 Meditations for Transcending Chronic Pain and Illness. Central Recovery Press, LLC. Kindle Edition. 

My Share

Fear can be a good motivator for me. When I have trouble with fear is when I am driven by it. Allowing it to make my decision for me before I even process them. When something crops ups causing me fear, I have to step back and take a look at the need I have that is not getting my attention. It takes an honest inventory to get to the bottom of it.  

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