Monday, March 28, 2022

Today's Meditation


March 28


Many strokes will bring down the tallest tree.



To help myself quit chewing, I made myself three easy goals to reach: short, medium, and long-range goals.

I started going one hour without nicotine, then two hours, and then the long-range goal of four hours. I did this several times a day.

As my need for nicotine lessened, I would increase my goals, first by doubling the hours, then by days, weeks, months, until I was free of my desire for nicotine “one day at a time.”

Today, I remember that when I “keep it simple,” I can achieve my goals. 

Taken from “A Year of Miracles - Daily Meditations” please visit to purchase this book.

My Share

Quitting nicotine can get very overwhelming in the beginning. There seem like so many emotions going and it is hard to process them in the beginning. I had to keep it simple and making the meetings was probably the most simple. The 5 Tools of the Program: Meetings, Phone lists, Literature, Sponsorship, and Service Work and they work. Sometime in the beginning I used The 5D's: Deep breaths, Drink water, Distract, Delay & Discuss. I made sure that I was in touch with other nicotine addicts in recovery daily in some fashion. There was a time when no meetings were available to me and I used the message boards or at least read the literature daily. I think my higher power protected me as long as I was doing my best. He did for me, what I could not do but if I could do it, he made me responsible for it.

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