Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Today's Meditation

 DAY 19 

My true self is a being of light and love. Today may I be my true self. 

Today I remember who I really am. I am a child of God, created changeless and divinely perfect. While I have made mistakes and might surely make more, I accept that in the moments of my error the spirit within me remains innocent and pure. I forgive others their trespasses that I might feel forgiven for my own, for all of us are light and all of us are love. 

Today I resist the temptation to punish or undermine myself. All mistakes are a betrayal of self, and today I honor the goodness that is natural to my being. I resist any worldly projection onto me that I am less than the perfect child of a wholly loving God. Thus I am able to celebrate and truly enjoy my life.

 Today I see past the filter of my shame and guilt, to the acceptance that nothing I have ever done or could ever do can diminish the true light of my being. God created me eternally innocent, and within my spirit so I remain. Having atoned for my errors, I am free to remember God’s spirit is always alive in me.

Williamson, Marianne. A Year of Miracles (p. 35). HarperOne. Kindle Edition. 

My Share 

This one is a hard one for me to talk about. I often see a lot of shame in myself.  As I am one big mistake that shouldn't have happened but here I am. Defying all odds. What may have started the ball rolling, may not have been my fault but I played a part in it. I kept rolling it.  I am not a mistake by God's plan. I  had to stop beating myself up. I may make mistakes but my intentions are pure when I am acting with love. When I am in trouble is when I am acting out of fear. Often that is when shame works its way in.  I seek God's Spirit in me. He is alive.

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Lori m said...

Beautiful Carol, your new drawing, gorgeous, speaks volume of your love, hugs, Lori m