About Me

My name is Carol. 

 I am a retired LPN that worked in Long Term Care mostly for 30 years. I have a passion for healing through artwork. It helped relieve my frustrations as a child, later with chronic pain from osteoarthritis, and my recovery from nicotine addiction. 
 I was told as a child that I was gifted in the Art area. Today, people say it is the color in my artwork they like the most. Mostly it was encouraged because of an auditory processing disorder I have. I was treated by speech therapy in the second grade. Yes, this condition is on the Autism Spectrum like ADHD.  I was considered a slow learner but my IQ was always in the average range. I have borderline APD. I often have good insight once engaged. Health Care and Art are a passion of mine in which I excelled. 

If you would like to know more about my hearing problem, here is a great video on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bGV_z44kh4  - This condition causes PTSD with which I struggle. I was very lucky that it was found as a child. I am not disabled as a result of it. I am blessed for my gifts.  Many people have this condition and have learned poor coping skills in managing it. Often it is drugs and alcohol sad to say. I have found Art as my great escape. It is a lot healthier.

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